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No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Does this make it work? Yes! Yes. There, good. Good. No. No, no. (GASPS) Yes. Yes. Okay. Yes. Yes, yes, good. Oh! MAN: Whoa! Whoa! (POP MUSIC CONTINUES) (SCREAMS) Whoa! Whoa! Oh! Oh! Oh! What the hell are you doing here? I’m cooking you breakfast! No, okay. I don’t do breakfast. Right? You need to get out! You’re in my apartment! Put the Games This is not my apartment. . Sorry. I might be a little drunk. Oh. I might actually wipe my fingerprints off that. You were great last night. Was I? (WHISPERS) I can’t remember. MEG: Okay, let’s go to your happy place. What if I poop? I won’t even notice. Oh, God. It’s totally natural. Women have been doing this for thousands of years, okay? (PANTING) Yeah? How many babies have you had? Well, I’ve delivered about , of them. Didn’t you want one? You know what? I just felt like society doesn’t let you pursue your dreams once you have children. And I didn’t feel like I wanted to give up my identity to be a slave to some tiny little love-terrorist. You know? Plus, your body falls to , and you have no time to exercise and forget about sleep for the rest of your life, right? Oh, no, honey! No, no, no, no, no, no. You can do it! No, I can’t. My body went to . My body went to . It did. (CRYING) And my vagina’s so loose, already! Let’s push! Okay. MEG: Yay! (SCREAMING) Is that poop or a baby? It’s not a baby. (TELEPHONE RINGING) (PEOPLE TALKING INDISTINCTLY) Robin? This is Alice, our new paralegal. Will you give her the tour, please? Yes, of course. Thank you. (SIGHS) Hi, I’m Alice. Hi. It’s so nice to meet you. Yeah. Oh, sorry, my hands are a little bit creamy. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Okay. All right. (CLEARS THROAT) Welcome to the law firm of some guy, some other guy, and some Jewish guy. Just kidding. They’re all Jewish. I’m really excited to be here. This was actually one of my top choices. That closet there, is really good for making personal calls. But whatever you do, do not hook up in this copy room. One, it’s just, like, so cliché. And two,