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Then you take off all your clothes, your shirt, your shoes, everything. And you burn them all tonight. I’ll do the same. Make it look like I fell asleep in front of the TV. And you talk to no one. [ringing tone] Jemma? Chrissie. I’m too tired for pranks tonight. Jem, I can’t be on my own tonight. Get the spade. [Chrissie] I know I. I mess about and I turn everything between us into a joke. But, Jemma. .I love you. I love you so much. I really want you to know that. Yes. I will marry you. [woman over radio] Andy, -, -, to station. [man] MP, MP, from Victor . [woman] Battalion . Central. Go ahead and send me another DLS ambulance. [man] Message received. We’ll be there in about three minutes. over. Joe. Morning, boys. You burnt your clothes, yeah? Chrissie, don’t you dare mess this up, you hear me? Do you hear me, Chrissie? Joe, I won’t. It’s just. Jemma said she wants to get married. It threw me, that’s all. You’re getting married? No way. Chrissie. Jemma’s finally given up fighting you off? Chrissie’s getting married! Yeah, thanks.