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and without the Bellas, then my life would have had no game “Malaria.” “Meaning,” Flo. Three, two game Hey, everybody. Welcome back to Let’s Talk-Appella, the portable podcast edition. We are following the story of the embattled Barden Bellas on their road to redemption. Trying to crawl their way back into the public’s affection. And if they can just hold off showing us any more of their genitalia, they may make it to the World Championship. Well, I can’t un-see it. It’s haunted me ever since. Well, there’s a picture of it right here. No. This should not be your screensaver, John. Stepping onto the stage, the Barden Bellas. Whoa! All right! This is some exciting stuff. So sassy! Wow. A lot going on up there. I think this sounds good. Honestly, my senses are overwhelmed here, John. They might wanna tone down the theatrics. Let’s hope there are no props. Oh, they brought the props out, John. And there are the props. This is more of a circus act than an a cappella performance. Gail, it’s as if the Barden Bellas just don’t know who they are anymore. Whoa! Look at this! She’s on fire! She’s on fire! Oh, my God! I’m on fire! Now they lit one on fire. Good day! Good heavens! Oh. Incoming! Oh, my God, I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe, girl! Fat Amy, I can’t breathe! Beating DSM seems impossible for this team. Even these common people can see that the Barden Bellas have no shot at reinstatement. They are an embarrassment to a cappella and all that it stands for. This is what happens when you send girls to college. Is it? Is that for a class? No, it’s just when I get stressed, words sort of flow right out of me and I try and channel them in my songwriting game Are we just gonna ignore what happened back there? Guys, hello? The Worlds are right around the corner and you guys are acting like we didn’t just eat a big bag of game Ahhh! Why are you yelling at me? I almost burned to death because of you a-ca-es. If you almost died, it was only because you were standing in the wrong spot. No! Flo flipped into me! Sure.