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Scooby Doo River Journey 4 Again you’re talking modestly What will he do more than this? ROCK STAR OF THE YOUTH Our boy has won in this big competition Everyone wants to be a Doctor or an Engineer But your son is great He has chosen a different field You are great As a father, you encouraged him and he’s come to this position Chandu is lucky to have a father like you Kishan sir, you’ve to give us a party in the evening We’ve to make pooja for the bike Shall we go? When everyone says that I am the reason for his success I feel sad and guilty I couldn’t enjoy his success I have been only a father to him I should’ve been a friend like Siri Game Dear! You know how exciting I feel to be lonely in the middle of the water How do you know that I like such places like this? I became your lover because I remember your every word that you told me I told it casually, but you remember and have brought me here I am very happy I have been waiting since we came to Kerala to see this happiness in you Only thanks is not enough for making such a big plan It is better to hit me than you kiss there I should only hit for this before the marriage I don’t know all that Tell me, Killer Come to the resort urgently What happened? This matter can’t be told over the phone I want to talk to you directly Come fast What happened? Mom called me Uncle and aunty are not coming home Why? Because Uncle and aunty are roaming around the city in the new bike Really? Yes, really I can’t believe it To this small matter, have you come day breaking my plan? What Udhay? Is it a small matter? Tell them, how big matter it is for you Do you know Reethu, since how long he has been waiting for this day? I am very happy today more than the happiness of winning competition Because of you only, I got successful in the music, love and life It’s enough, get down That day you asked me to rate your friendship Now I am telling Yours is not friendship Even though it is hard to hear I am telling the truth Not only for me, you both appear like lovers to everyone Udhay! You are broad minded I thought