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Scooby-Doo Speed Race 4 It was little things. Mostly about your dress. My dress? It came? Yes, it’s upstairs in your room. Come on. Okay. You ought to do something about your sitdown. What’s wrong with it? Sticks out. It’s the dress. It’s awful cheap material. I can tell by the smell. What do you expect, want it inlaid with gold? It seems to me if you’re buying anything, it should be the best. This is definitely not the best. Quit. You’re breaking my heart. It’s impossible. Look at it. Ruffles. I wouldn’t be seen dead in this rag. It’s horrible. How could she have bought me such a thing? It didn’t take me long that night to figure out that I was dead broke. And with Bert gone, it looked as though I’d stay broke. I felt all alone. For the first time in my life, I was lonely. There was so much to remind me of Bert. How things used to be with us. And what great hopes we had. Hi, Mildred! Hello, Wally. Bert around? Not right now, he isn’t. He left things a mess at the office. I thought he could straighten them out. Ask him to drop over, will you? If it’s important, find him yourself. He isn’t living here anymore. You mean you’ve busted up? Something like that. For good? As far as I know. If you don’t know, I don’t know who does know. You here all alone? No, I have the children. Bert must be crazy. You know, I never did mind being around you, Mildred. You don’t hear opportunity knocking, do you? Me? I’m conscientious. Not too much ice in that drink you’re about to make for me. You’re moving in? Maybe. I won’t cry my eyes out about you and Bert splitting up. I like the idea. It makes me feel good. I wish it made me feel good too. I like Scotch. I know what you like. With soda. I’ve always been soft in the head where you’re concerned. You surprise me. This is on the level. Bert’s gone. Okay. I figure maybe there’s a chance for me now. I wouldn’t drop dead at the idea of marrying you. Quit kidding, will you? I figured maybe one day you might have a weak moment. If I do, I’ll send you a telegram, collect. Easy on the ice for this, will you? No soda? Sorry.