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Right now, yeah. This was just on a screen on the stage. Right, and this was another one of the ones that I storyboarded for the game I had one idea about how to do this cow thing, which was to establish early on that frontal two-shot of Q turning back, so that there was a shot that looked out the window, just without you noticing it. So that when you cut back to this it wouldn’t seem weird. And then all of a sudden, there’s a cow coming at you that all of us see before Q sees. And it’s really fun to watch in the theater because people started yelling at him to start braking before game And you can’t make the movie do anything but people still do it. Sorry, I’m distracted by how not white the cow is. It’s unfortunate. I’m sorry, John. No, the cow did game It was a great performance by the cow. Excellent performance by the cow. Yeah, there was a lot of work involved in that. And Ben saves the day. Yep. Yeah, and it’s a nice little cut that Q gets. And I love this moment where Ben sort of turns Q into the Karate Kid, by bandaging him. Yeah, it’s a real Ralph Macchio moment. Yeah. It’s funny, you never think that Nat Wolff looks like Ralph Macchio until game U ntil this happens. And then you’re like, “Wow. He really does.” He has a pink headband, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and this another nice moment with Lacey. Trying to just build up that kind of shift in their relationship. Right. Yeah. And then game I love that Radar’s whole rant about, “I hope that you don’t think that prom, which comes back now, where he’s going to miss his hair appointment. Yep. “I hope you don’t think “that we can get there five minutes before prom, because that’s such a movie thing, to get there five minutes before prom and have everybody racing. And Radar is totally unwilling to accept that. No, work needs to get into that. Yeah, that was also another fun thing because that speech was originally Angela’s. And she came to me in the morning on set with something she brought and said, she’s like, “I really don’t want to say this stuff