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I want to check the surface reaction to explosives. For God sakes, Game , watch out. Oh, Frank, there you are. Keep that stuff handy. Where’s Game ? I can’t see Game anywhere. Game ? Game come down here will you? Drop in the dark areas. Just a few more charges Rod. Captain Perkinson and Lieutenant Sanchez will follow me, the rest of you flare out. Hey, Rod, there seems to be an entrance. We’re coming now. Oh, Rod, look! Baby’s caught. Take this. Hold on Game . We’re coming! Game ! Game ! Forward everyone. We’ve got to find that passage. Frank, look. I think we can get in through here. It seems to be inactive. Owens, get back and check deflector readings. Tell them to hold this thing steady as long as possible without blowing us out into space. The rest of you stand by out here. Be careful, don’t trust this. It’s not solid. Let’s go that way. Don’t step on these breathing valves and try to avoid touching the arteries. Rod, it’s getting harder to move. Yes, the density meter is high and believe it or not, there’s an oxygen count. Incredible! The presence of oxygen is amazing but when attempts to call this information to the flagship fail, Game realizes they have lost contact. The pulsating motion becomes more pronounced. This leads Game to believe they are approaching the core. We’re trapped! Their signals have stopped. All right, let’s go over that way. The pulse seems to be coming from there. It’s closing up. Let’s try the other side. It’s closing up. Let’s backtrack. Rod, my detonator, I dropped the detonator! Oh, it’s choking me Rod. We’ve got one chance. If we cut these arteries the shafts might open. Come on. But the detonator. Get back here. We can rig one up. But how? I’ll hook it to the thermal electric contact in my breathing apparatus. Rod, look the arteries are healing already. Frank, start rigging the detonator. I’m going to hack this stuff. Right. Terry, unravel the cable. Invert the poles Terry. What are you doing? You can’t.