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Shadow Kaboom to Rosaura and anyone else. Especially since Mother’s dead. You think l should talk to Rosaura? While l tell you what to do, would you fix the syrup for my fritters? lt might be good if Pedro knew you’re carrying his child. Pedro, it’s lucky you came by! My sister has something to tell you. Go and talk outside while l finish the syrup. Sergeant Trevino! At your service. Can you cook cream fritters? To be quite honest, no, but if you wish, l’ll try. Yes, l wish. And remember, you’ve never let me down. l hope this won’t be the first time. Why didn’t you tell me? Because first l wanted to make a decision. Have you? No. Before you make a decision, you should know that having a child with you is the greatest joy l could hope for. And to enjoy it properly, we should go far, far away from here. But we can’t just think of ourselves. There are also Rosaura and Esperanza. What will happen to them? Little star Of a distant Sky That sees my pain That knows my suffering Come down and tell me lf you love me a lot Orjust a little See what you’ve caused? Pedro and you have no shame. lf you don’t want blood in this house, go where you can’t hurt anyone before it’s too late. You’re the one who should leave. l’m tired of your tormenting me. Leave me alone once and for all. Not until you behave like a proper woman. Until you’re decent! What do you mean by “decent”? How you behaved? Yes. Well, that’s how l’m behaving. Didn’t you have an illegitimate daughter? You’ll be damned for talking this way. No more damned than you. Shut your mouth! Who do you think you are? l believe in what l am. A person who has the right to live as she pleases. Leave me alone! l can’t stand you. What’s more, l hate you. l always hated you. With these magic words, Tita drove her mother’s ghost away forever and freed herself from her psychological pregnancy. But she couldn’t keep Mama Elena from getting even with Pedro. Tita, don’t go! Don’t leave me. No, Pedro, l won’t. Cover him with tepezcohuite bark. l’ll miss you, Gertrudis. l’ll miss you, too.