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Shadow’s Tale I was on the patio with my wife and kid. We had about minutes to go before the fireworks when we saw the Arnaud girl go by. Someone should tell her that’s not the way home. Unless she’s meeting a guy game And her dad thinks she’s as pure as driven snow! Here’s her sweetheart. Strange time for a private lesson! Leave the poor man alone. Mr. Arnaud’s not here, I can’t let you see his daughter. We’ve already questioned her. We can question her as many times as we like. That’s up to Mr. Arnaud. Can we talk to Mrs. Arnaud? She’s sick and can’t be disturbed. Lucien! Let me decide what I can and can’t do. Show them in. , Mr. and Mrs. Thomas saw you. Where were you going? You were meeting a boy and don’t want your parents to know? If that’s it, I won’t tell a soul. Who’s the Romeo? You won’t say? Let’s take a different tack, you and me. Let me explain something to you. We could have you examined by a doctor. See what I mean? Answer my question. Are you a virgin? None of your business. Fine game Go tell her mother. She’s going to the doctor. No! Please! Are you a virgin or not? Guess that means no. We’re getting somewhere. The night of the fair, you were out fooling around? With who? If it’s some little brat, tell us his name. And we’ll leave you alone. Promise. She says nothing, it means she was with her teacher. Is that it? Yes. What’s going on? What’s my daughter got to do with this? Ask her. Ask her what? What she just told us. What was it? Well? She slept with her teacher. Are you nuts? Sorry, but it’s true. Is it true? Yes, Dad. Robert! What’s going on? Your daughter’s a whore and I’m going to kill that Doucet! We still have some questions for you. , what’s going on? Mr. Doucet? It’s Arnaud, please be careful. My dad just left here with an ax handle. To hit you with, because of me. I’m sorry! Before you hit me with that ax handle, tell me why. Are you putting me on, you bastard? I’m not putting you on, I’m quite serious. One more step and I’ll shoot. All right, what did I do now? The Roussel girl wasn’t enough for you?