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enemy’s spy Woo-Jin See you in hell Once we reach Gyeongseong, I do not know you Bring this out of the train with you After this goodbye, if it’s not you who is dead, it will be me or we both die Gyeongseong Station Rubik No, I am not this person Arrest him -No, you can’t do this to me Yun Gye-Soon Run Give way, give way arrest him Give way, give way calm down, calm down, calm down Let go of me Calm down Sorry How’s your body? I can work immediately A gun shot and falling off a train, and yet u look injured very lightly What a luck It’s sad to loose Hashimoto But you have done a good job I’ve heard you’ve thrown a good bait to capture the big fish Can you recognise her? I know you can speak many languages, but Joseon should be your most fluent Here is a person who can speak with you in Joseon Ask her the whereabouts of Kim Woo-Jin Where is Kim Woo-Jin? Wait a minute How is this enough? Kim Woo-Jin, where is Kim Woo-Jin, you will be alright once you talk I don’t know, I really don’t know Captain Lee Yes sir Do it Do it Quickly quickly say it now, quickly, say it I don’t know Faster, say quickly I don’t know, no, no Say quickly, faster I beg you, faster say, tell us quickly your facial complexion is bad It’s not like this I’ve heard you two get along very well in Shanghai Are you suspecting me? Everyone has suspected you from the beginning, except for me Afterall it’s an informant’s job, during operations it’s common practise not to question every single thing Gensui Count Terauchi Masatake once said this sentence Joseon people can only choose between obeying Japanese ruling or death Too bad you are Joseon So whatever you did I will let bygones be bygones Bring Kim Woo-Jin here I am going now passport Heo Chul-Joo Heo Chul-Joo Now that you have mentioned, when will the weather be warm again? Bring him away Please confirm again You get out now How can you treat me like this Please verify the passport again I have my rights here Police Faster go, Faster Mother, I need to go far away, you must wait for me alive Mother