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You have now proved your knowledge of these teachings. ” “Which our lord Jesus Christ in his holy word has brought to our attention- and in his congregation has been proclaimed and professed. ” “Do you believe in our lord God, heaven’s and earth’s creator?” I do. “I do”, that is written here, yes. “Do you believe in Jesus Christ, his only son Games ” I do. “Do you believe in the Holy Spirit and the holy Games ” I do. “Do you, through God’s mercy, wish to prove this Games ” I do. “Do you therefore, with the help of God under watchfulness of prayer, wish to apply the words of God Games ” I do, yes. You are now confirmed, taken up in society as a good citizen- in this society, sharing the christian heritage, and so on. But you can quit church if you wish. You can? Yes, you can. Knut Nilsen? Yes. I have been trying to reach you, regarding the presentence investigation. Is it ok ifwe do it now? Yeah, sure. Do you want to hang your coat? Yeah, I’m fine. I’ve written some letters and been trying to get you to come in, but I haven’t been fortunate. I asume that you are willing to go through with this? Investigation? How do you mean? You admitted to being guilty of battery and assault- and for the court to be able to judge you- a presentence investigation has to be made, for them to see who you are- and what kind of legal action will be best suited for you. And you’re gonna do that? Yes, and I believe you have received letters about it. Well, that’s possible. Your occupation? I guess I don’t have one, really. I work at the docks when I need money. What do we call that? I’ll let you decide. When were you born? —. Your parish of birth? Er Games Norway. Where in Norway? Telemark. Telemark, Norway. Your father’s name? Teodor Johan Nilsen. When was he born? I really don’t know. Not even approximately? Sometime before . What’s his occupation? He’s a navvy and a tunnelworker. Your mother’s name? Eva Helena. And she was also born sometime around ? Yeah, I guess. Is she a housewife? You could say that. They are both alive?