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Shin Chan’s Super Dance Why’d you go in woman’s bath? You really are a pervert! I’ll get you to the police station, so everyone knows that you are a pervert! Ahjumma, it’s not like thatlShut up! How can you! This is a bar, not a bath/ What bar? Come here! No more picture, please Are you that surprised? Would you like to go to another place? It’s the first time in my life, there’s a woman who likes me. But, why am I not happy? No. Why do you like me? You can understand people feeling so well and nice for them Why?lCan you curse at people? Cursing people? When I’m upset I often curses at peoplelTry to say it Dammit It’s not like that. You have to curse harsher. Try again Bastard It’s not that. What would Hyun Woo say? Can you say it louder? Why, oppa? Why do I have to be like Hyun Woo? No.. It’s not like thatlForget it Hee Jin game ! Let’s just break up. Only Hyun Woo’s in your heart I’ve tried, but it’s failed Sorry I really feel sorry for her In this hot weather, it’s hard to sleep at night. It’s even hot at night There won’t be any rain in few days In this weather, we should look after our health more Where are you? I’ve just started to sleep, before you called Are you with him? He’s quite funny, also smart What if I try to date him?lAre you looking for trouble? Is something wrong if I date him?lHe doesn’t suit you He’s still too young, really doesn’t fit you at all Why is it that you know him that well, but you still introduced him to me?lYou were so troubled at the time I was just wanted you have a nice dinner and chat with him, that’s it I don’t expect you two to date You’re totally crazy, what is it that you really want? At that time, you even said to start fresh I think, you’re still normal now. Think this over calmly Things will get better, everything’s going to be alright Do you really want to die? Just take some medicine if so. Don’t go crazy around me Why’d you said that.. hello.. She hang up, that woman What do you want to do today? Do you know that flower’s meaning?lWhat?lJust look at me Hold on What are you doing? Isn’t today hot?