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I imagine it’s pretty funny– A race car driver. Where are we going, Wendell? We’re going to see the moonlight, baby. What moonlight? You just want to go somewhere and park, huh? Uh-uh. This is real nice Where I’m taking you. Here it is! Hang on! How do you like that, Mary? Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Whoo! How do you like that? Huh? How about that? Ooh! Wendell, you’re crazy! Hang on! Aah! Wendell! Aah! Ohh! What do you think of that? Oh. Oh, Wendell, you’re crazy. Ain’t that something? Sure is. What is this area? Old race track. Used to come here a lot, watch races. I love you, Mary. Tomorrow you’ll be my wife. Tonight you’re going to be my lover. maybe tomorrow we’ll be strangers but for tonight, let me be your love what good is saving it up like some money in a jar when here we are i love you now and tomorrow well, tomorrow maybe tomorrow you’ll grow to forget me who knows? I may even change my mind could be together we’ll live to find us a better life as man and wife maybe tomorrow will bring us the things we’ve been dreaming of but for tonight you will be my love Mrs. Scott. Mr. Scott. Wait. What’s that? What’s that? What you got there? A silver dollar. What’s that for? For the garage. Look. You should see the bedroom. Grandfather and grandmother’s bed. Uh-huh. Damn, Mary. How’d you get it? How do you like it? Beats the hell out of the back of the cab. I got you something. Oh. I wrapped it myself. Oh, Wendell. Oh, it’s precious. Oh, wendell, we don’t have time. We got guests coming. I love you, Mary. Say it again. I love you. Taxi, miss? No, son, thank you. I don’t care for one. It’s half price today. Money’s too hard to throw away on it. I’ll drive real slow. I live up the street. Thank you, ma’am. You sure? You going back out tonight? I got to, baby. I didn’t do nothing today. .. Well, they laid off some more people today At the mill, Mostly colored folks. That figures. It’s going to take me years To be able to pay for a garage. Our children won’t be able To make a down payment on a garage. Damn, I’m hungry. You want a biscuit?