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I did. Yeah, Jeff and I are really good friends. Incredibly close. I’d like to think we are. Mm-hmm. That’s awesome. Beth? Yeah, Beth. Um, you have a high school-aged child games who’s going on and on and on about your afternoons together. She was saying that, uh, you guys spend a lot of time together. And she’d love it if you took her out to dinner. And she was kinda hoping for that, right, Beth? Oh, well. Oh, were you? I mean, uh, that’d be great. Whatever. No, it’s ca games We’re both, we’re casual. Yeah. That’s funny. I just got a casual text myself. While you were in the bathroom games Mm-hm. One or two? I don’t know, why that. Number obviously. Number . To be back that quickly would be games Oh, well, I don’t know. Obviously, I was being games You’re very quick. He has IBS so I know it comes out quickly. I have IBS. Well, while you were games peeing or ting or whatever games I got a text from Max games who wanted to know if I would go to The Lounge with him. Oh, I love The Lounge. Um, so I was thinking maybe games I would go. What do you think? I think you should do whatever you wanna do. That’s what I’ll do. Well, Beth, it was really great talking to you. So great to see you. Um, good luck with your games son. Bye. Bye. She doesn’t like me or games No, she likes you fine. She likes you fine. She doesn’t like my son at all games No, no, no, no. She likes your son. She likes your son. Um, so how games how have you been? What’s goin’ on? Oh, um, I’ve been great, actually. Um games kinda having fun. Havin’ a lot of , actually. is when the penis goes in the vagina, right? Yes, it is. Just playing with you. You’ll get there. You guys will get back there. But you’re gonna go through dry periods too. It’s not a big deal. Yes, yes. Not me. I feel like I went through my dry period and I’m games goin’ through my wet period. I guess I kinda have a slutty side. But you’re wearing protection, right? Of course I’m wearing protection. I don’t games It’s not that I think you’re having like with homeless guys or anything.