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Knock off will you, sarge? So you’re leaving the police and your wife. Yeah. I’m starting from scratch. You’re sick inside, Johnny. Something’s got you all fouled up. What is it? What’s got you so torn up and confused? It’s my fault, Pop. I make more money than he does. I just didn’t realize how that must eat on a man. His pride. I suppose it makes him feel Games Inferior is the word. I guess you’re right. But that’s going to be different. I’m quitting my job tomorrow. We’ll live on what he makes. After all, Pop, you raised a whole family on a policeman’s salary. It just means cutting a few corners. The only thing that really worries me besides the letter Games Games it probably doesn’t mean a thing I found this by the telephone. What would he be doing with an attorney’s card? Penrod Biddel? Did you forget your key again, darling? Darling, you never gave me one. What are you doing here? Visiting. I didn’t expect you. Did you expect me to be somewhere else? Not exactly. I’m an ex Game magician. Always look for the unexpected. Now that you’re here, Hayes, I’d like to have a talk with you. What for, Mr. Biddel? To tell me how you picked me up out of the gutter and made something out of me? And how I agreed never to do a job you didn’t assign me? Exactly. You’re becoming too ambitious, Hayes. Maybe. Why, Hayes? Could be I’m tired of doing all the work. You’re wrong. All the work is done up here. And muscles are cheap, huh? Yes, I can buy all the brawn I want. Anywhere anytime. Game Would you mind if I did my own thinking from now on? I would mind very much. Well, I guess you’re going to miss me. That’s about what I was going to tell you. Game No kidding. Game Yeah. You’re going to fire me, huh? Game I can build persons up and Games Game You can tear persons down. I understand you’re planning a big job for tonight. It’s done. Done? It wasn’t easy. You’re a very smart man, Mr. Biddel. For a man as smart as you I can’t figure why you keep such important papers in your bedroom safe.