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Shoot The Target 2 You treated her like a kid, you humiliated her. She’s getting revenge. You seem skeptical, Mr. Baudoin. Then why did she steal the picture? How could I have stolen the picture? And from where? Ever been to Mr. Doucet’s? Never. He gave you the picture? Yes. Why? Because he likes me, that’s what he said. Do you seriously think I’d hand out a picture like this? Did I force Catherine to keep it? I kept the picture because I like Mr. Doucet too. Or I used to. You liked him in what way? Like my dad game but not quite. Almost. He’s always been nice to me. Why did you never mention that picture? I was afraid people would laugh. But you showed your friends? Never. How does the whole village know? It fell out of my binder and the other kids saw it. What did Mr. Doucet say when he took back the picture? I had to give it back because everyone knew. Including his wife. Obviously. He said he’d give me another one later. It wasn’t because he didn’t like me anymore, he did. He kissed me, then game It’s OK! That’s enough now. Time for her to go to bed. Do what you like, Mr. Baudoin. But we’re filing a complaint tomorrow. Let them file a complaint if they want! They’d never take that kid’s word over mine. Either I’ve lost my mind or she’s lying. Be careful! If you don’t come up with proof, Doucet will countersue. And he’ll claim damages. I’d reconsider if I were you. Not me. Think about it, you’re taking a huge risk. If she were your daughter, what would you do? I wouldn’t file a complaint. Wait a minute, here’s what I suggest. Vacation’s a month away. I’ll see to it Doucet doesn’t come back in the fall. How does that sound? If you say so. Slink away like a coward? That’d be like admitting guilt. I won’t do that. Think about it. If they can’t prove the girl lied, it’s worse for you. I’ve thought about that. Listen game It’s all my fault. Why your fault? We don’t have children. So what? To Catherine, her parents, the mayor and everyone else, if you don’t have kids, you’re as good as single. You’re not part of the world of parents.