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And for Friday, you should bring your bathing suit. Have you ever been in the Caribbean water? No. I’m not big on swimming. You don’t have to swim. It’s good just to be in it. It’s such a pretty blue. But I’m not going to push. And it’s a longer drive to Puerto Viejo than Arenal, so we usually stay overnight. Is that okay? Yeah, okay. Be careful. Okay, Jane, have a good night. Okay. Pura vida. A simple bathing suit. A place to buy a bathing suit. Yes. Yes! There’s a place in Quepos. I’ll write down the name and address for the taxi driver. Okay? Okay. And my cousin has a salon for hair and nails, you know, if you want, okay? You think so? Yes. Could be nice. Okay. What? Nothing, nothing. No, no, no, no. What, what, what? Your guide Juan, he’s treating you well? You like him? Yes. Yes? He’s a good guide, I think. Okay. Why? What’s the matter? Nothing. I Games I just want to make sure that he was treating you well. Why? He doesn’t treat customers well? No. No, it’s Games It’s not that. I’m sorry. I was just asking. Have fun, Jane. I write down name. I know it’s clichéd to be quoting Sylvia Plath, but she did chart her demise with dispassionate flair. “Remember, remember, this is now Games and now Games and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted. ” I know the feeling. I cried at the end of Twilight. I wasn’t crying, babe. It’s okay. Women like sensitive men. Go to school, Anna. Come on. I’m late. I need you to drive me. I have to pick up my client. I know. I’m gonna meet the librarian. Anna! Papi! “Cipher. ” “Cipher. ” You’ll be okay, Papi. # Feel my heart in you # #And I feel your heart # # I feel your heart in me # Anna, sit in the front. She sits in the back. Come on. Okay. And be calm, Anna. Be calm. I’m calm. You’re the one who’s not calm. Anna. Pap Games Shh! Don’t say it. What are you talking about? She’s pretty. Wow! Thanks. I Games I thought you’d like the T-shirt. Yeah, and your hair and everything. You look beautiful. Thanks. I’ve never had a Caribbean vacation before.