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and then we became humans. Is this something you’ve made up? This process doesn’t end, does it? We haven’t reached the end of human evolution, have we? Can I finish! But, what have I got to do with this? I’m only Games I’m only asking you if you have thought about this. That the economic evolution frees the human resources- which allows Man to take another step in her evolution. But you are the lid. The upper class Games How the hell Games I’m only trying to reason with you- the lid that prevents the human, social and economic emancipation process. Now, you’re really narrow-minded about this. Try to see it in another way Games Very interesting! Hey Games Often when I say that two plus two is four, and the shoe doesn’t fit- someone says; “But that’s really narrow minded!” “It’s more complicated than that!” The point being that you as a person- don’t have any interest in seeing yourself as a lid!Why the hell would you? You are the lid, resulting in people hungering to death, God damn it! I’ve got this damn car because Games Can I finish? I’ve got this car to help make me do a better job, alright! I work between sixteen and eighteen hours a day- and this is what I treat myself to. Excuse me Games Are you aware of the fact that society’s material and economic resources- amount to a certain quantity? Well, yes. Are you aware of the fact that the re-destribution of these resources is such- that one guy can ride around in a Jaguar! Do you know who’s produced this Jaguar? Do you know the producing forces of society- that make it at all possible for you to drive a Jaguar? Have you ever thought about that? The ones that keep this society moving, that produce the things you’re buying- like your damn coat and your damn Jaguar are the result of. The re-distribution of this result is such, that you’re able to drive a Jaguar worth fifty thousand! Who’s produced that Jaguar, huh? The workers. It’s MYGod damn Jaguar you’re driving! It’s MYGod damn Jaguar you’re riding around in! You can go to hell! For one thing Games