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Go ahead, enjoy. You’ll catch a cold. I do not care. Look. Work. I can not. Look over there. This drives me on. You turn me on. Go balance. Stop it. Shakes a lot. No problem. What r u doing? Stop. This is crazy. Get back to work. already was. Get back to work. It’S Over. It’S Over. Come on. Come on, swinging. Love you all! I’ll be back. Jonas? Samba? What happened? You never answers. And then? I spent in lounge beauty, the République to Barbès and nothing. As well, anything? I do not know, maybe she changed jobs or left France. I do not know. I did not find. That invention is that? I know she’s in Paris. And how am I? I’m going crazy. Yes, but game Sorry, is failing. Jonas? Hello? Hello? Hello? Samba? Samba! Samba! , I did something stupid. A huge bull. It was not out of malice. Are you man, it happens. You do not force anything. No, but do not know how to get out. Turned sucks. When I get a woman will not introduce you. Why do you speak it? Joke. Will come. I like jokes, but do not talk like that. I’m dying of shame. Jonas asked me to find her and what I did? It is not done and stop playing with it. You’re hot. No, stop it. Not the case. Relax, it’s a party. I’ve had enough, you know? Where are the brand new? Just white hair here. Looking for someone to him? See that there? It’s for you. She is polite, sweet, very friendly. This ‘leaves you on’. Sure. Quiet. This “quiet”. I passed the tests. This puts me in. Yes game But take seriously. Wait, you’ll see. Tequila for princess? Do not you see we’re talking? All right. That’s right, “all right.” I will not stay long. We will not go unchallenged. Go blank? Look at that possibility there. She comes to us. Hello, Samba. Hello, Alice. Sit down. Showcase. Go forward. You do not dance? No, no. It is not my harvest. But I top. Sounds. Go for a walk. You look beautiful tonight. Sure you’re talking about me? Yes. With you, you never know. No, no. It is you, for sure. Yes, you. Present. Take a walk. Thank you. You’re welcome. True, their appearance has improved. I slept five hours last night.