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Searching target. Searching target. Target identified. There you are. You’re right, David. It is over. No! Serum re ease ha ted. How’s that for Damaged? C ear. It’s c ear. C ear. C ear. We did it. It’s what you do for fami y. Ca eb, there’s one more thing I want you to do. I wanna send a message to David. My name is Tris Prior. And I’m here to revea the truth. There are others who exist on this p anet. They do not view us as equa s. They ca themse ves the Pure and they ca us the Damaged. They creat a wa to divide us from their wor d and factions to divide us from each other. He o? Come on! You think you can ditch me ike this? Get me to do your dirty work and then just wipe me away ike the rest of ’em? We had a dea , pa ! We were their experiment and it a most destroy us. I set the autopi ot right for our friend’s neighborhood. A ong with a itt e surprise for when it goes through the camouf age wa. They tri to make us forget who we are and where we’re from, but they did not succeed. So here we stand. Together. Not as five factions, but as one city. And we’re gonna tear down their wa. I want the penthouse! Yeah! That’s right! Or a room in that rea y coo upstairs area. Okay, ook Radio I’ even take my o d bunk back. Just come on and open the damn door! P ease! You’ve seen us. And now, we see you. To those of you beyond the wa , hear me oud and c ear, because I know you’re istening. Chicago is not your experiment. It is our home. And it a ways wi be. You’re sure you don’t want the sun and moon as we ? I know it’s a ot. It’s impossib e. So? So I’ make it happen. We , he o, adies. Where we going? Can I come? Give it up, Peter. Oh, so hosti e! There’s no factions. We can be friends, right? Can’t we a just get a ong? Tris. You shou d be up there with a the other eaders of the city. No, that’s not me. I don’t wanna make the ru es. Great eaders don’t seek power. They’re ca by necessity. The peop e ne you. [A CHEERING] [CROWD JEERING] ook at me! ook at me! You rat! Back up! You ready to die today? WOMAN: That’s right! Yeah!