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Sift Heads World TİmeWe worked together in a greenhouse tomatoes. One morning there was a big raid. I ran towards the city. Running like crazy. A door opened and someone grabbed me. It was her. The hand was hers. For hours we were stuck in a place that served as a dump. Tell me how was it? Describe it. Bela, fine, High as these girls doing Fashion shows. A dummy? A dummy, you understand. What’s her name? Gracious. This, Gracieuse. She knows you’re here? I have no idea. Two years ago we do not see us. Wait for me here? Yup. Lamouna? Is someone looking for you. Chief? You can go. Here it is. I classified all since . Prescriptions, bank papers, receipts game Very good. Here is the white shirt. Put a shirt, too. He’ll be happy with it. He loves her. Also, I almost forgot game I put two biscuits. Vanilla and lemon, and basil. Are his favorites. Seem to be good. You know, my lady game My nephew is a serious guy. Really? Yes, really. He saw the “undocumented”? They have many documents. Yeah, but sometimes are not necessary. Well, that’s what was missing. See you. See you. Excuse Me. It was good. It seems a packing package. If so, you can prepare bags. He can not go well in court. He said it was important. It is a kind of amulet. Will dance right away. You can not use it, no way. It is my amulet shirt. Putting the shirt on top, is good? Maybe. On the other hand, such that only the shirt with nothing underneath. Just to compare. Sure. To compare? Sim. Sim, of course. He was drooling! No way. He was drooling, yes. I’m not drooling. Sorry, comparing. Then ask jeans without underwear, just to compare. You are silly. I can not remember game I’ve talked to distance themselves? Now is good. Yes, that’s better. Do not change anything else. I’ll go see the others. And you, calm. Compare but calmly. Now it’s good. Much better, really. But I wanted the shirt. When seen game Give me, I take along. My uncle did not send anything else? Yes, two biscuits. Where are they? I think I’ve ever eaten. Both? Yes, two. Sure game After losing his father, years ago,