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Sisi’s Pizza Time 2 Viku, you can use his eyes, ears, nose anything game game but his legs won’t stop. Dad, I am off to meet Suraj Maan Singh. Surajgarh Palace. Do me a favor, take her along. But your exercise will be left incomplete. I’ll complete it with Ramsevak. Promise? Absolutely. I’ll go change. But, dad, I am going for a meeting. Take her along, son. You can do your work game game and she’ll take a look around Surajgarh. And these old legs will get a day’s rest. Take care. Have fun. Ramsevak, bring my wine. It’s a day off. So, Viku, why are we meeting Suraj Maan Singh? Not we, I am meeting him. ‘Why did I get her!’ That’s what I said. Fine, why are you meeting Suraj Maan Singh? ‘Patience Vikram’. Because I want to buy Surajgarh game game and he doesn’t want to sell. Why will he sell it? It’s his call. ‘Put your feet down. ‘ Because he can’t afford it. And I will build a hotel there. Only if he sells it? Would you game would you please put your feet down? Sorry! ‘Crazy!’ ‘Snob!’ Doctor, please control yourself a little. Call me Dr. control, Viku. Damn missed. Now this will be one high powered meeting. Your Highness. Welcome, Prince. This is Dr. Mili, dad’s physiotherapist. And he’s Suraj Maan Singh. Hi. Your house is really beautiful. My family’s been looking after it for years. Prince, come shoot. Or has business turned you into a sutler. Pull! Veeru! Doctor. Would you like to shoot too? No, she’s against violence. Of course. I love ‘Sholay’. Oh, God! Oh my game May I game Thanks. Put the gun butt on your shoulder. Okay. Hands over there. Pull! Thanks, Veeru. That’s so cool. Is something going on between you two? No. No. No. At least there’s nothing on my end. I don’t know about him. Doctor. You’re very beautiful. Thank you. Come, I’ll show you Surajgarh. Sure. Shall we finish the meeting first? Prince game what would you choose game game between a beautiful doctor and a business deal? I will wait. Does this Prince trouble you? He is a snob, but he is not so bad. I heard, once there were queens living here. Not Queens, their keeps.