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Here, it’s incredibly delicate and I think, depended a large degree on their performances, and letting us feel good about where both of them are headed at this point. Yeah, I mean, there’s a real equality in the kiss here. They kiss each other. I know that was really important to you, Jake. Yeah, I was like, “This has to be the most equal kiss in film history.” That was what you kept saying. It can’t be him grabbing her in some sort of Cary Grant display, because then, I mean, that would make you feel good for Q, I suppose, but that’s the wrong victory. In other words, the lesson of the movie is not, when they were in the SunTrust building, if he had just had the courage to kiss her, this all would have worked out. It was that, Margo at that point, didn’t want to be kissed. So, yes, Q does need to step out of his comfort zone. But the answer to that isn’t a simple one where if you do that then you get the girl. It’s about being more confident in all your choices, and it has to be something that she wants as well. And if game Yeah, just trying to get that, it really depended on the performance from the two of them, and thank God, they could do it. Yeah. No, I think they really got it there at the end. I think they really captured it. And this is a, it’s a sad kiss in a lot of ways, which is, I think, what we wanted ultimately. They’re seeing each other, but there’s a kind of saying good-bye to the kiss as well. Yeah, well, and even though it’s in a slightly different setting game Like, I hoped it would live up to that kiss from the book because that is such a beautiful moment from the end of the book. I mean, I love the ending of the book, it’s just I don’t know that it would have worked for a film to end right in that moment where you can see her perfectly in the cracked darkness. But I think we wanted a kiss that felt like that in that moment. Yeah, I think that game I mean for me, anyway, it works. I don’t know. We’ll see what people who are listening to the DVD commentary think. But I love this shot and I love game Yeah