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You have to send it back! Oh, no! We have got to get out of here, now! Hurry, quick! Total system failure. All services offline. Good Games bye. This is a disaster! It’s okay, boss. Right now, the most important thing we can do is to focus on the positive side of all of this! Here are the facts, Pascal. We have lost the children. And without the Imaginasium, they can never return! And, I’m going to lose my job tomorrow, after the president’s wife is humiliated, because we couldn’t fix Jules Verne’s stories! And now, there’s a giant octopus running amok! Tell me, Pascal. What is the positive side of all this? You have to calm down. Let me see. Missing children. Furious first lady. Crazy stories. Octopus Game of course Game aha! I know the positive side. Do you realize that the price for fresh. Sushi Games grade octopus is over Euros per pound? And our octopus has got to be at least , pounds. That’s over , Euros! Assuming the euro doesn’t collapse before we sell the entire carcass Game but just in case, maybe we sell it to the Japanese and insist on getting paid in yen! Peter, you realize if the moon breaks through the clouds, we’re dead meat. Did you have to say “meat”? Awww Game Look at that inscription. “On,” “off,” “on.” Onoffon! Duh! It’s so obvious now. Jules Verne was pointing us to the restart button the whole time Game there you are. Uhh Game Aah! Aah! Go, Nicole! You can do it! Aw! Huh? Nothing’s happening! On, off, on. That’s it! Pull the lever down again! Look. Look! Oh! Nobody messes with the friends of the great profit Game aah Game ungh. Aah! Guys, do you feel that? The restart button. It must have a delay mechanism in it before it activates! It’s the portal! We’re saved! Why is it taking so long to teleport? The other parts of the story must be resetting first. Aah! Get ready to go! Come on, Houston! Hang on tight, Nicole. We’ll get through this. No! Where do you think you’re going? Come back here!