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but you Games you are my kingdom.” Or some like that. And I used to love that. I used to be the guy who used to see that and go, “I want that.” But now, all I think about is a year later. Where they’re sharing a studio apartment, because he can’t get a job in the corporate world anymore. Because he’s known as the lion guy. Then you find out that her “free spirit” and wine she brings from home, she’s just really a bipolar alcoholic, who hasn’t had a job in nine years. Then one day, he’s just so depressed, ’cause he’s putting a vest on. Anytime you have to put a vest on for work, you’re not happy, you know, unless you’re a magician! Anyway, point is, he’s putting a vest on and he trips over one of the many sandals she hasn’t finished making for kids in Africa and he just snaps, like, “Goddammit, Destiny! Can you pick your sandals up?” She’s like, “Why don’t you yell a little louder? Maybe, if we had a bigger place Games ” “Maybe, if I hadn’t roared in the meeting, we would have a bigger goddamn place.” “Really? Blame me, keep blaming me, ’cause you couldn’t be professional.” “Are you drunk right now? Be honest!” “Of course, I am, ’cause I’m like a spiritual Games ” “Shut the up! No more spiritual ! And what’s your real name? ‘Cause I know it’s not Destiny, I wanna know your real name. And this panda’s huge now, by the way. It doesn’t fit, Destiny. It’s terrifying to walk. You wouldn’t know that ’cause you have to have your cry nap at : p.m. every day. And I know you took it from the San Diego Zoo, I know for a fact you did it. You can’t own a panda in San Francisco. And I looked it up. ‘Frizzy haired hippie steals panda, stabs trainer.’ So, here’s the new game we’re gonna play, Destiny. You’re gonna tell me your real name, or I turn you into federal prison for the panda.” And she’s like, “Okay, well, how about this? Panda, get him.” Then the panda eats him and she’s back at the coffee shop. That’s kinda where I am with love. I lied to you. I actually did care about that girl with the magician. I did. Let me explain,