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Slow And Fast Pirates Weren’t you moved by Marie when she came to see you? Didn’t she make you drop your defenses and nastiness? At one moment, certainly. Certainly there’s the temptation to be humane game before love makes you lustful and leads to Besides, concerning this crucial moment game we have no idea what will happen or what should happen. Let’s take it even further: “We don’t know what happened.” The following day, when the parents visit the merchant and he says, “She was here an hour ago,” the viewer doesn’t know exactly what happened. And I find it quite remarkable that Robert Bresson didn’t dwell on it. Who is Marie for you? I wouldn’t say Marie is representative of modern women. I think game she’s what she seems to be in the film, someone very sensitive who’s been waylaid yet still remains very pure. He’s in despair. Comfort him. From Diary of a Country Priest up until Balthazar, God is explicitly present. God the Redeemer is there. Balthazar gives me the impression of a world without God, a world uninterested in God. Firstly, I don’t think that just speaking of God or saying the word “God” game indicates his presence. If I use a filmmaker’s tools to represent game a human being, by which I mean someone with a soul, not just a jiggling puppet, if the human is present, so is the divine. Pronouncing the name of God isn’t what makes him present. No, but to my knowledge, this is your first film where a character Marie’s father rejects God. If he rejects God, then God exists, and therefore God is present. But suddenly God is no longer good. He’s not involved with mankind, which you’ve never said until now. I don’t share your impression that God is absent from the film, for the reasons I’ve just given. What role do words have in a film like yours? I think words should say everything an image can’t. Before having characters speak, we should examine everything they could express with their eyes, above all, with body language, certain kinds of interaction game certain ways of behaving. Words should only be used when we need to delve deeper into the heart of things.