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The foreskin has . highly sensitive nerve endings. No. The penis of my son won’t be mutilated. I only caught a few scraps of talk but maybe it would be better if I Thanks. We’re going to order the family plate. I’ll do it. I’ll move to the country. How about you stop renouncing your religion. You are Jewish like us and I won’t allow neurological castration. Two million men live happily without their foreskin. Well they don’t have a choice. It’s the law, Hannah. Not my law. I can decide for myself. It’s my penis. Hi. Everything kosher? Stop that. So did they tell you how long after the operation nothing works? What do you mean? What do you think? That you can crank him right after it? Forget it. How was it for you? Well I was only eight days old. You don’t feel anything because of the nervous system. At that age the pain doesn’t even get to the Hypo Hypo what? When you do it later it’s really painful. You’re dripping. So enough talk. Over there. The Blonde. Clemens. Ready? Don’t forget Ole Knutsen: ‘Detours are the paths to cowardice.’ Always try touching it whenever possible. Come on. You can do it. Ben was one and a half years older than Clemens and I. He must have seen something in us. Talent. He taught us a lot. And that’s why it’s very important not to waste anytime. Ole Knutsen Ole. He is the greatest. In the s Ole Knutsen developed, as a big-game hunter, the ‘magic rule of three’: Stalk, Distract, Haul off. *Stalk. *Distract. *Haul off. That’s exactly what happens if you break the ‘magic rule of three’. Shalom. We haven’t met yet. I’m Rebecca Tannenbaum, the new rabbi. Please stand up. And who are you? I am Levi. And what do you do after class? I continue studying the torah at home. Is that true? And what’s your name? Rebecca. That’s Simon. For everything in life there is a replacement. Not for my first love though. That’s what the wise men in the Talmud say So what did you talk about with my predecessor? Tacking. What? Turning manoeuvres at sea. That’s what rabbi Moishe taught us. He then never returned from