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Snow Ride 3 No. Relax. Just relax. No, I don’t want to go. It’s gonna be okay. Just relax. No. Give me the game ing money now. Get the game out of here. Your daddy will be right back. The door sticks. Just a second. You’re just on time. Got some very, very fine brown shit for you. Yeah? Same you loved last time you were here. No, nobody there. Nobody there. Here. Where’s your pipe? You ready? Here. This one is yours. Let’s see. Where did I put the lighter? Here’s the lighter. You got a lighter. I’ll light my cigarette. It’s lit. Oh, my God. I’ll get you a little bit more here. Give me a little more. There you go. It’s a big pile. Please leave your message after the beep. Hi. It’s David. Talk to you later. Hello? I already received it. Hello? Hello? Hello? So with Brett Butler on third and Kal Daniels on first, Strawberry stands in against David Cone. Cone leaning in for the sign. He goes to the stretch. The pitch on the way, and it’s a long high blast to right center field. Over the fence and off the scoreboard at Shea Stadium. Darryl Strawberry trots it out around the bases, and he hits one of those moon shots that have trademarked his career. Quite a clout, but maybe too little too late. A Mets lead is now . A threerun homer for Strawberry. His third home run of the series, and RBIs , , and . It’s , Mets. No matter how far Strawberry hits a ball, he cannot drive in enough runs to get the Dodgers back in this game. Strawberry with the moon shot getting congratulations in the Dodger dugout. That brings Eric Davis to the plate, and right now all the Dodgers want to try and do is close the Mets out, gain some momentum back going into Game . If they can make a little noise here, get some offense going game Give her a piece of cake. Mom, you okay? Have a little bit of cake. Hey, Strawberry, want a cup of coffee? Cone into the windup. Here’s the first pitch. Why don’t you come here and have a cup of coffee with us. Davis again stepping out. Looks for the sign. Steps back in. You know, let’s face it, folks, I know they got a ways to go yet.