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Snowman Time I know they have a ways to go. But the Dodgers blew a match point. Possible man shot, game I’ll tell you something right now. The first one to get is always the hardest to get when you’re down by a large game Confirmed, man shot. Jane Street. Hey, Veronica, baby, what’s going on? There’s a ki somewhere in the back seat. Hey. How you doing? What we got here is a black male with his throat cut. Somebody look at him? Yeah, probably. Anybody check the car? Not yet. I’ll check the car. All right. Good. Hey, Sarge. How are you doing, boss? What do we got? I’ve got a black male with his throat slit. It looks like he’s going to game Any weapons? Lieutenant’s checking the seat now. How about any witnesses? First three uniform guys on the scene got two, possible relatives. Let me see what the Lieutenant wants us to do here. What’s that? Looks like a ki of coke. Put it in evidence. Hey, I want you two guys to go contact your junkie friends over there on th Street till we get up. You two guys go over to them two pawnshops, see what else we can get from that. What’s going on? They raped a nun up in Spanish Harlem. Imagine having that happen to you. I would’ve killed these mother game ers. They took the game ing chalice. The host was still in there. What they want with the host? What the game you think? What, you think they wanna eat the host? They wanted to pawn the game ing chalice off. Put up a $, reward. Leave it to the Catholic Church. Girls get raped every day. Now they’re gonna put up Gs just because these chicks wear penguin suits. What is your game ing problem? The Church is a racket. So what? Are you a Catholic? I’m a Catholic. Why don’t you have a little bit of game ing respect? Hey, game that noise. How about them Mets? Bet you won a shitload. More than you did. I want to get paid. What about tomorrow? What do you guys want to do? Want to make a bundle? Leave it all on the Mets. What, you think they’re going to beat Martinez? The series has got to last seven games. You know how much money is riding on commercial time alone?