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Roads Games Stop, children. Look. A glade with daffodils. This is rarely seen. They are really very beautiful. Let’s get closer. These inspired Van Gogh to paint Daisies. What’s so interesting? Some trees and insects. I have the same growing at home. It’s better than sitting in the classroom. True. It’s beautiful, this starry sky. Yes, it’s amazing. Look, a shooting star! We should make a wish. Yes, let’s think of something. I want to Kissan you. You’re waiting for a Kissan. I made a wish. Me too. In truth, I have never seen such a beautiful sky. Me neither. Well, goodnight. Yes, goodnight. Sweet dreams. Thank you. You too! You would have said, Good night, kids! Good night, kids. You asshole Latouche, you get a zero!! In the corner! Tomorrow on the offensive. Chapter . Get active in the country. Picnic by the lake. Bring a blanket and champagne. You should feel unity with nature. Find a quiet corner. Avoid interference from outside . Interference from outside Ducobu. Ducobu must be neutralized. Each team has a captain, to whom we hand Games a detailed map of the area and Games an envelope with the first puzzle. Monsieur Latouche and I will wait for you here. Is that clear? Do you have any questions? Monsieur Latouche! Yes, Gratin. Does this count towards our GPA? Yes. The team which comes first, receives . The last . Then let us draw lots. Why is Ducobu on my team? Agree. I’m not good at this stuff. I’d rather stay with you. No way! Gratin, Ducobu remains with you. Otherwise, you get a zero. I will take into account the fact that you have a liability in your team. Well, all children. Ready! Set! Go! Stay near the lake. I hope they stay together. Here. Aren’t you scared sending them out alone in the woods? Do not worry, Mademoiselle Rato. If they get lost they have a mobile phone. Anticipation. You are amazingly calm. You know, Mademoiselle Rato I’m a multifaceted man. During my many photo safaris on the savanna African forest Games I developed almost African wisdom. He can swim. Beautiful Berries. A carpet of moss! Super!