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Speed American Dragon All Star Skate Park 2 But we have Rajput blood in our veins. I am not talking to you. Dr. Chakravarty, your thoughts game game your interference in other’s lives game Have you ever thought about its outcome? You encouraged a year old kid to run away. How irresponsible. But, your highness, I did no such thing game Enough. Let’s go, Mili. There is no need to explain her anything. Come on. It’s because of your overdiscipline. Are you happy now? Happy. Wait, Manju. Mother. What happened? I’ve informed the Jaipur office. They’re checking whether Divya’s name is on the list or not. Okay. And I’ve informed the commissioner of Jaipur. He’s posted his men at the venue and stations. They will let us know. Son game Vikram! Divya is year old. She’s a grown up now. Dr. Chakravarty, please. Don’t give us anymore advice on my daughter. Enough! Enough! How much more humiliation are we going to endure? Oh yes. She believes that you and Dr. Chakravarty love each other. Manju? Thank God. I don’t believe in such nonsense. Nonsense? Hello. It’s a fact. Look, there’s guilt in your son’s eyes. Pardon me, madam. We’re better than this. At least our children don’t hide anything from us. Nor do they run away. Excuse me. Hold on, Manju. Hello. See game everyone’s left. Vikram. Yes. Thank you, Mr. Mishra. Please keep us informed. Vikram. Not now, Mili. Vikram, Divya’s fine. Believe me, she’s just acting out game She’s just years old, Mili. Vikram, even you were game game when you handled everything with her highness. I was the same age game game when I went away from home to study. If she wants to do something on her own at this age game game then what’s the problem. The problem is that this doesn’t happen in this family. Why am I even explaining this to you? You won’t understand. I don’t understand what kind of a brother are you game game who couldn’t win his younger sister’s confidence. If you had supported her. game then she might have never run away. That’s what you won’t understand, Mili. You do as you please. You don’t care about game game how it does or doesn’t affect others.