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It’s all because of you, suckup! Tired. We should have listened to Ducobu. We have a halfday walk. Calm down. Blame Latouche. We can call him. Karina, where’s the phone? No reception. We’ll all die of hunger or cold. Or a monster will eat us! Calm down. I want to go home! I’m too young to die! Don’t scream. Shit Games did I hurt you? No. No one will starve! I have chocolate bars. Two banana flavour Games We certainly need to get out of here before dark. Molas! Gratin! Ducobu! Dyubyuisson! Ah! Do you have their phone number? In this hellhole there’s no reception! And Your African wisdom? it! Gustave Games Excuse me, Ghislaine, I got carried away. I am still under the devastating influence of alcohol. It’s okay. I’m sorry. Ducobu! Guys! Guys! It will be dark soon. Exactly. We must build a fire and make a shelter. You know how to make fire? Of course! In the Last Hero show they failed. That’s because they never read Rick Sputnik. You will not find that in textbooks Games Come on, come on, go! Let’s find a corner for us. Monsieur Buck, we lost five children! I must call the gendarmes! Five? Five. This is terrible! Five. Five! This is the worst year yet! , , , , . There! Good, Ducobu. You in charge of kids in the forest? Do you have any idea? Look here, you and we are all civil servants. I ask you to show solidarity. I will write about everything in the report. Rather than humiliate a colleague, could you help? When do you expect to find them? In the morning. We can not do anything at night. Well done! Good job. I’m proud of you. Did they go to LacroixMopiu? If the gendarmes write a report, I’ll be out of a job. The main thing is to find the children. Yes, Ghislaine. Of course. But a job this is also important. I cooked Midges. Thanks, but now is not the time. There’s always time. Midges? What is it? Cheese balls. When you eat them, they melt in your mouth. Hence the name. Tough luck Games Do not worry your head. The forest is not so dangerous. Unless Games Wolves attack. There are wolves? They were reintroduced into the forest three years ago.