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Hi -Hi You’re back Yes, I’m back Are the kids asleep? Yes. It’s way past their bedtime Of course Let them sleep Let’s relax and talk quietly in our room Yes What an entrance exam! You passed with flying colours I spent my life preparing for this moment Relax. Make yourself a drink. I’ll run the shower for you Of course She was crying. Not easy getting her to sleep again It’s better for us both if lsha stays asleep I did say Radios Radioswe could talk calmly Why do you need that? Give I have nothing against you or your children Give me that Senior ignores me You can’t let him do that Show me Aryan’s study, he’s always talking about it Sound asleep Come, come Sit. He lands in minutes. I haven’t much time Come on, sit down This room has so many stories Many stories behind these awards In these costumes Days that Aryan does not want to forget Memories he wants to keep close to his heart I treasured his memories too Kept them right here At home, on the walls of my room, in cupboards On shelves like these Aryan Khanna filled every corner of my life But he ended it all Five minutes! I asked him for only five minutes Know what he said? “lt’s my life Why must I give you even five seconds of it?” I apologise on his behalf Why should you apologise? I hit Sid Kapoor for his sake He was hassling Aryan What did Aryan do? Threw me in jail. Had me beaten Said: “lt’s a crime!” A crime? Crime is what I’ll do now Breaking hearts of fans who are devoted to you Radios Radiosis a crime too You tell me Am I so wrong? When he fights with you, doesn’t he say sorry? So, why can’t he say sorry to me? Tell me! Don’t do this. I beg you What do you mean “please”? He left nothing for me. Why must I leave anything for him? How can I? Impossible A sham. All lies Liar. He’s a fake The rascal acts all the time An actor after all I wanted to give him my trophy A belated happy birthday, Aryan Khanna Open the door! I sent the children to my parents They were terrified. I didn’t know what to tell them lsha asked me repeatedly: “Why did Papa destroy