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Speed Halloween Motorbike 2 I game I game I mean game There’s nothing common between us. Mili! I love you! Oh game He’s dead! When we’re old and my limbs don’t work game game I’ll need a doctor like you. Polish off my wine collection. We’ll have to win over many more Suraj Maan Singh’s. And who will chatter at the dining table? Who will mom say “disgusting” to? If you leave? So please game Mili game game marry me! That’s my sister. Viku. Viku, I game Not like this. We will need to ask Manju. I guess he’s style’s been totally ruined. Did you talk to her? What now? Now I’ve to talk to you. Talk to me? Why? Haven’t you talked to me enough? Please prepare for Mili’s wedding. With me. Whichever date Mili chooses. And that game Kia game Kai game What’s her name? Kiara. We aren’t engaged anymore. For the first time I spoke my mind. That’s my daughter Mili’s style. Not yours. And why should we say yes for the wedding? He’s crazy. We game we game Who we? You and your army? And secondly game Oh, stop it, Manju. I love your daughter. I’m politely asking for her hand in marriage, so say yes. Otherwise I’ll elope with her. And once I do that game game you won’t be able to get connect with her on Skype, Facebook or Facetime. When she gets sweet, chubby and pregnant game game but I still won’t let you meet her. We’ll have or cute kids as well. But I won’t let them meet their grandma. I won’t upload their photos either. So now? Is it a yes game or do I elope with her? Did you hear what he’s saying? Are you saying yes, or do I run away? Say it. This is not fair. Everyone’s making me look like the villain. I am not the villain here. I am the bride’s mother. So, Manju, is it a yes or no? Say yes. Say yes, Manju. Ok then game fine. I say yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! Where were we? Bore.