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Speed Ice Pond Tournament It’s not the same. Is my heart large enough for the world? One, two, three game Born looking old. Kun, when did you start looking old? . Hard. Hard. Homework is hard. This one’s hard. Why did you sign up for cloud speed class? So I can take nice yearbook photos. Circle. Looks more like a triangle. Always (appear) confident. That cloud will pass by the sun in seconds. Ma, are you back? Can you cook dinner? No rice today. Ma’s been at the temple for a week. I miss her. Can’t call her, she forgot her phone. Suri, can you come over? My mom’s gone. I’m lonely. And my Ah Ma’s dead too. Miss Ah Gong and Ah Ma. Wanna eat ice cream together. Ice cream? Gonna exercise and then do my homework. Want some? Don’t need to eat, I won’t die. I prefer Ma’s cooking. Always changing my mind. Your Ma’s not around forever you know. Hey, this is MaMa noodles. HainHa. Five pancakes. Sometimes, the answer comes before the question. My name is M. I’m single. Don’t need caffeine tonight. I can’t sleep. I didn’t drink coffee. I cant sleep because he’s single. Busy with all my heart. Shit, my heart is thumping. What are the ethics of school pregnancy? Mary? Only my body is awake. Stillness is better than chatter. Mary can sleep with her eyes open. She didn’t sleep last night. Clean and dirty can coexist. How can you sleep without washing your hair? You do it too. No, I don’t. Yeah, right. I don’t! What to do about tomorrow? What should I do tomorrow? Don’t wait until tomorrow, wash your hair today. I was talking about M. Tomorrow, what will I do about today? Just take it day by day. See what happens. I can’t do that. I gotta go all in. Tomorrow only happens once. When I try to sleep, I can’t. What should I do? I’ll have eye bags. It’s tomorrow already. Two pancakes. Always lose the race with time. How game I gotta go. Etc. Shit, you’re late. Tim’s mom is waiting downstairs! Sorry, let’s shoot. The light’s gone. Just in shoot it! Shoot it! Shoot it. Got it? I gotta go. Sorry. Good job. I’m living in multiple realms. M. Is like a spirit. Comes and goes without warning.