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Even better than a hammock. Can you navigate? Well ships, boats. Exactly. Daffodils! It reminds me those types of boats Games the Chinese. Right. We have to go to the lake. Go without me. I am a burden to you. We were told not to separate. Otherwise, we’ll get zero. I’m Captain, so I decide. Get up and go. Come on! Go faster, lazy! How romantic! In the end, we also have the right to relax. Absolutely. We are people, too. Enough. During the school year I do not drink alcohol. I avoid it as well. For you. And for you. Cheers. Look the envelope! This is the most magnificent tree in the forest. Our forefathers did justice . Tarzan! Give me a break. Oak. This is where Louis IX held court. Where there is oak? Right there. Let’s go. Wow, like a punch in the head! Yes, it is strong. I only drank a glass, and I feel very strange. What is it? You’re all sweaty. Yes, I’m hot. Sweating. Yeah, me too. Too hot for me, let’s get undressed. Can you see the oak? That’s a fir. Are you sure that is the right direction? Exactly. Maybe we should go back? We are moving away from the lake. Ducobu’s right. Ducobu’s never right. I’m saying it’s there. Come on, We’ll win! See Mademoiselle Rato. Pumping! Bravo! Do you know where we are? I know. Here. Or here. Or here. I’m confused! It’s all the same. We are lost souls. Exactly. Calm down. If we turn back, then we’ll come out at the lake. And the puzzle? Let’s all get zero? What’s worse: A zero or lost in the woods? I do not know. Do not ask difficult questions! Mademoiselle Rato Games Monsieur Latouche Games I do not even know your name. Ghislaine. Like my mom. Really? Yes! My mom Games Shut up! Kiss me! See the lake? Not yet. Look! Latouche in shorts. Latouche in shorts! Ghislaine! Faster! We decided to swim, while you were gone. He calls her by name. He Kissan her! Please do not make a fuss, and do not say anything to your parents. Not a word. Blessed Virgin Mary! Discretion. Now tell me, how was the treasure hunt? Is anyone missing? Ah yes, the Ducobu team. What a mess! Yes. I can’t do it.