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Speed Paper Kid Congratulations, asshole. Now you owe him ,. Now what are you going to do? I’m gonna go double or nothing on the next game. Double or nothing? Come on, what are you, out of your mind or what? There’s no way I’m gonna let that bastard take my money. Take your money? Really? This guy’s going to blow your house up with you and everybody else in it. There’s no way LA’s going to lose this game. They’re playing at home. Strawberry’s ready to break out. game Strawberry. You’re gonna wind up owing this maniac ,. It’s my business. Just place the bet. Body of Christ. The body of Christ. The body of Christ. The body of Christ. Body of Christ. The body of Christ. The body of Christ. Those boys game Those sad, raging boys. They came to me as the needy do, and like many of the needy, they were rude. Like all the needy, they took. And like all the needy, they needed. Father, I knew them. They learn in our school, and they play in our schoolyard, and they are good boys. You knew them? Who are they, Sister? Who are the boys? What are their names, the names of these good boys you knew? I could tell you their names now, and I know you are bound by a sacred vow to keep my secret, but I cannot tell you their names, for I, too, am bound. Jesus turned water to wine. I ought to have turned bitter semen into fertile sperm, hatred to love, and maybe to have saved their souls. They did not love me, but I ought to have loved them. For Jesus loved those who reviled him, and never again shall I encounter two boys whose prayer was more poignant, more legible, more anguished. Sid Fernandez and Darryl Strawberry, a battle of wits and talent here in the bottom of the ninth in Los Angeles. Strawberry readies himself. Fernandez checks for the sign. The pitch on the way. Swinging. Strike one. One and one on Strawberry, as Fernandez came in with that fast ball, and Darryl could not connect. One and one the count. Two outs. Bottom of the ninth. For Los Angeles, men on second and third. The Dodgers find themselves down by three and in need of one of those Darryl moon shots.