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of the world can be anywhere you want it to be. Anywhere. Ibiza. Who? Ibiza. Let’s go there. I like the way the word sounds. Yeah. You know what? I like the way the words sounds too. You want to go to Ibiza? I’ll get the tickets today. I’ll book them today. God doesn’t ask if we accept this life. There is no choice. Life is forced upon you. The only choice is how you live it. Or not. That’s a choice as well. A cup of tea can solve anything. A bit under the weather? Tea. You’ve left your husband? Tea is the answer. Frances, no Frances. What have you done? Frances! In case you thought, “at least Frances survived or she wouldn’t be telling us this tale.” Well, now you know. But I was free at last. God finally cut me some slack. Where is she? In her bedroom. That afternoon Reggie would drink himself insensible. What do you do after all, when the only person who could ever get to you is gone? A cup of tea? I don’t think so. One big hat. Go on, sit down. Don’t stand around there looking like some kind of lamppost. Squeeze in. Sweat it. What don’t we have. A bottle. Go on. Go on, Gordon. You wanted to see me, Ron? Yeah, I do actually. I want you to kill someone for me, alright? I’m going to give you a thousand pounds. Leslie. There’s there, right, so that’s half. Yeah? You get the rest when it’s done. You count it all, cos it’s all there. And you can put it in your little pocket. That’s for you. Go on, put it in your ing pocket. We know you ain’t got any money. Don’t be daft. Who is it? Mum, wait here. Stop, Mum. Leave it. You killed her. You killed my daughter, you bastard. You killed her. Spending a hundred pounds a week on flowers won’t bring her back. Murderer. You’ll ing rot in hell, Reggie Kray. McVitie, what are you doing here? I’ve got a message for you game from Ron. Back. Shall I send a solicitor or have you seen to that? I want my wife and children’s safety guaranteed. Payne. He’s given them everything. Names, dates, times. Documents, the lot. They’ll put two and two together game and send a dozen witnesses into protection.