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Speed Rocket Panda from our household finds out about this, we’ll be ruined. This is not an option, pal. Hey, moron, if you’ve got a better suggestion, then say it. Being a party organizer is not an option. We’ve got lakhs. We’ll buy some time from Chautala for the remaining . And then, he’ll say, why are you just giving me lakhs game Pay for my home loans as well. So far, he hasn’t said anything of that sort. We have an option. Let’s use it. Better than being a glorified dealer. , , , , game Imple game game Imple, these are really artistic pictures. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Anyone who sees these will suggest that you bribed a cop to bury this murder case. Imple game Let’s go. Get going game See you! How much did you give me? ! And the rest? ! ? Where is that? You don’t have it? You want more time? Then, it’s yours. More time calls for an interest. Alright game ! Done? lakhs. Hey, you! You have days to give me my money. Otherwise, judgment day game Okay, Devi ma’am. Sir, he is Alhawat’s son. He will take some action. Understand one thing game The Delhi government has no jurisdiction on us. Only the home minister has. Besides, Ahlawat has got his own set of problems. If this case ever sees the light of day, he will be ruined. Sir, you’re really a funny guy. I’m a Jat game Can’t help. It comes naturally. We had no choice but to go back to the one person that we were trying to avoid. Do you have Koki’s number? Listen, I never take a risk when it comes to giving out loans. And if I ever had to give such a huge amount I might as well stick my head down a sewer. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Simple! But there is a risk in that as well. The thing is that I have a share in every party that Cheeni throws. He gives me ten percent. Ten percent! From you, I’ll take game Twenty five percent! In a night, you can mint around to lakhs. But game But, strictly with me. So, the first order of business to throw a party is a Tilla game I mean, a farmhouse. You know what, guys? We all have our responsibilities to do something for the youth.