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Sorry, but you sure that Gracieuse are you? I’m sure, of course. But I think the Magalie also called Gracieuse. No game There are two Gracieuse? Right. Maybe I need to game It is the one that I’m looking for. Call it, just to see. Magalie. That. I think she’s more Gracieuse game you. Continue game He told me the whole story. The meeting you in Spain, greenhouse tomatoes, and the dump. When it will come out? I do not know. Soon, I hope. But I do not know. Glad to hear from him. But two years is a long time. A lot has happened. But even so, you will get married, right? He said that? Was. That’s not it? But massage of your hand is nice. It’s good, because we use very hands. All day. When you get tired hands, massaging. To go to work, you massaging hands so do not get tired. People massaging the back, but use more hands. I like to joke. See you tomorrow. See you. What is there? I had a meeting here on the side. I went to the meeting and then I game I went through here, is on the way. How was way, maybe game I could follow it if you want. Sure. Where is your car? Accompany her walk game I have no car. But I can take you if you want. Where you live. Clignancourt. You there! Who of you have worked safely? You game and you. Others can go. We need strengthening today? euros in cash. Topam? Sim. Mee too. We will equip them. Gone crazy? O homeland? What r u doing? He fell. Put it in place! See? He falls. Let storage. Do not fall, please. In fact, is broken. That’s why, is broken. Then I go back and repair. I should not have moved. I did not move. He lay. You are clumsy. He fell. Personal! Staff? Personal! Hold. Do not move! Do not move. Back off, the cops are coming. Escape, the police are coming. Escape! How come? Go! Escape! Escape! I’m sorry. Do not mean to wake you. Sabe game Meu are game They were nothing good guys. Its scent makes me feel good. The musk? That, musk. I did not used. Looks like you’ve improved. How are you feeling? Well. Come, I’ll take you home. Estacionei or. It will not tell you what happened? Not that