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SpeedRolling Travel 2 ‘Why?’ ‘To be away from you, Mili. ‘ Don’t work so hard, you’ll become boring. Bye, dad. Bye, Vikram. Bye, Mili. Let’s exercise. You kissed the girl, not her mother. It’s not funny. I am not being funny. A boy and girl meet. They develop an attraction. They kiss. It happens with everyone. It happened with you too, that’s it. She says the same thing. She’s a smart girl. Is she hot? She’s hot. What will I tell Kiara? What do you want to tell Kiara? Rathore, I hope you aren’t feeling guilty? Maybe. I’ve invited her home tomorrow. You invited Kiara? You invited Kiara home? Are you mad? Do you know anything about girls? Okay. In the last hours, you saved Mili from the kidnappers. Fine. You kissed her in your inebriated state. Okay. Later, you gave highfives to each other game game and now you two are best friends. Fine. But now game you’ve inviting Kiara game game in the same house where Mili is. That is too much. It’s cruelty against women. If you want to talk to Kiara, then do it in her home. And don’t tell her anything about your ‘Mili Adventure’. Nothing. Little more. Little more up. Amazing. I’ll call everyone. No, no, no. Let’s give them a surprise. Okay. Let’s do little more. That’s the spirit. Wait. You think I’ll be able to do anything until the wedding? Whose wedding? Vikram’s marriage, with Kiara. Didn’t anyone tell you the wedding is in December! Hi, Vikram. Hi. Congratulations! For? I heard you’re getting married in December. You two look really good together. Running away? I don’t know. Of course, you should do what your heart says. But have you tried speaking to Vikram? Brother Vikram, he’s just like mother. Although he looks modern game game but his thoughts are outdated. Okay, Manju, nice speaking to you. It felt really nice. Yes, yes. Bye! Mili, have you lost your mind? I’m peeling oranges in my bedroom game game and you’re introducing me to royalty. Why don’t you call? Yes, Manju, we couldn’t talk. But I am busy with Shekhar uncle. He wants to be able to walk until game game Vikram’s wedding in December.