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Let go of me! Visiting hours are over. You hear me? Look like yours are just getting started. You have a very big mouth for an eighth grader, Murphy. My mouth is nothing compared to that boner in your pants. What did you say? You heard me. You’d better hope I misunderstood you. Hi. What do you want, Marco? Nothing. Marco, go get Mr Hunt for me. Now! Marco, don’t you dare. Marco, go! You’re gonna get so booted for this. You think so? I know it, man. You’re outta here. Murphy, you’re gonna make somebody a great cop someday. You know that? Still not back? Still not back. Figure she went somewhere with the ballplayer? Hard not to think it. I don’t know. I don’t like feeling like I’m being avoided. Well, it’s not like this one hasn’t gone on binges before. You know her? Yeah, I know her. So, where’d she be goin‘ in such a hurry that she’d leave her horse on Route ? No idea. She could be anywhere. Horse could’ve walked down there himself. One time she left him tied to Fenton’s back porch. You know Fenton? Yeah, I know him. She left that horse for three days. Well, where was she? I don’t know. She and Fenton went somewhere or other. One thing lead to another, I guess. I don’t know. Fenton won’t say. She’s kind of a firecracker. Yeah? That’s what I hear about Bud. He may have met his match with this one. Right. Come out with your hands up! Jeez! You nearly made me drop this. You spilled some, dude. . You working room service now? No, asshole. You treat him like he’s Elvis. I do not. This is for me. I don’t think so. What do you know? We know he’s trying to hide it. Hide what? You’re gonna get nailed just for knowing about it. So illegal, dude. No, he’s just making sure she’s all right. She? I mean… Oh, man. I don’t believe it. It’s a girl. I knew it. I knew it. That snake! Wait. What are you talking about? Come on. What girl? I didn’t say anything. We’ll catch you later, mouth. Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on the door, if you need me. Good. Who is that? That’s Fatty Vare. You know her? Yeah, I know her. Do me a favour. Oh, what?