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Isn’t that clever? The police will think you’ve committed suicide. Penelope take his feet. Bye, bye, Mr Bridgenorth. Well, I have had men fall for me before, but Games Games never like this! Good morning, Miss Eckman. Good morning. Well, now, I have conveyed the news of your deadlock to my principal Games Games but unfortunately he does insist Games Games that the contract must be honoured and his fee paid. Oh, I see that our main objector Games is not here today. Well, in that case perhaps, gentlemen, you would care to Games vote again. I really don’t think it’s as simple as that. Pay the girl. Am I to take that as a proposal? Sir John’s right. Do pay her before someone else falls from a fifteen-storey building. I think we might strike Mr Weston’s last remark from the record. Those in favour of paying? You may tell your principal the money will be paid, as per contract. Thank you very much, gentlemen. Senor Drummond, sir. You are Senor Drummond? Yes. Who are you? Carloggio, sir. I was Senor Wyngarde’s servant. You’d better come inside. Would you like a drink? I was sorry to hear about Senor Wyngarde. Oh, you know? Who tell you? Sir John Bledlow had a cable from the police at Castellomale. The police. They’re no good! When I tell them about the tape recording, theyjust laugh. What Games tape recording? All that morning Games Games Senor Wyngarde talk into his tape machine. Is very important, he says. I come back from the market Games Games and find him dead, but there is no tape. There is only this. Nothing else? When the tape was pulled from the machine Games Games this little piece was torn off. And you brought these things to me because of this address? Si, Senor. The whole tape was to come to you. It was arranged by Senor Wingarde before he die. “Carloggio”, he say to me Games Games “I want you to go to London with a very important package for Senor Drummond.” “You make sure you give it to him, and nobody else.” Now he’s murdered Games Games and the tape that was the package, is gone.