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If you won’t look, there’s no point in showing them to you. Okay, okay. I’ll look. You’re gonna get us both in trouble. I’m white and over thirty. I don’t get in trouble. Oh my God Game Oh, my God! Goddamn it! Stop it! Stop! Stop! What is wrong with you? Steve! What happened? She was messing with Jean? Baby are you okay? Jean, what are you doing up? Do I need to call a doctor? I don’t know. Johnna, what’s going on? He was messing with Jean, so, I tuned him up. Messing with, what do you mean, messing with? He was kissing and grabbing her. I’ll murder you, you prick! You know how old that girl is? She’s fourteen years old! I didn’t do anything! Are you out of your goddamn mind? Just back off, Barbara! That sonofabitch is a sociopath! What is the matter with you? Will you please stop freaking out? Why don’t you start at the beginning? What are you even doing up? Sweetheart, we need to know what went on here. Nothing “went on.” Nothing, okay? Can we not turn everything a federal case here? okay.. I came down smoked a little pot. Smoked a little pot and.. we were just goofing around and then everything just got a little bit crazy. What have I told you about smoking that shit?! Then Johnna just chose to attack him with a shovel? Just tell me what he did! He didn’t do anything! What’s the big deal? The big deal, Jean, is that you’re fourteen years old. Just a few years younger than you like ‘em. I hate you! What’s the matter with you? Jean. I can do without a speech. Where is he? Out at the car. We’re leaving. Back to Florida, tonight, now. Me and Steve, together. You wannna give me some grief about that? Now you wait goddamn it. You better find out from Jean exactly what went on.. before you start pointing fingers. Because, I doubt Jean’s blameless in all this. And I’m not saying that I blame her.. just cause I said she’s not blameless, It doesn’t mean I’ve blamed her. I’m saying she might share in the responsibility. It’s not cut and dried,