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Germany wherever he wants to go. That is Your Majesty’s wish? It is my command, Orlov. Perhaps I was wrong to give her one night more. I’ll go and take the little neck and then the lady won’t be dangerous anymore. Peter. Peter, you’re always thinking of her. What What was it I I wanted? To kill her. Captain Talitzyn, your orders are to arrest the empress at dawn and send her under strong escort to the nunnery of St. Elisabeth. You’re under arrest. Gasps Take him away. Bugler! Bugle Continues Are you tired, madam? I used to march like this with my father beneath the stars. He told me each one of us has a planet of his own. I wonder which is mine. Drums Man Five! Six! Bugles. ; Fanfare Cheering Continues Cheering Continues Crowd Cheering Continues Ends Cheering Continues Soldiers. I am a woman like your mothers and your sisters. And I know it is a bad wife who leaves her husband because he has been cruel. But it is a good mother who will fight everyone to save her children. You are my children. I come to you as the mother of all Russia and I’ll fight for you as you’ll fight for me. And I’ll lead you to victory and peace. Man Long live the empress! All Long live the empress! Bugles Long live the empress! Crowd Cheering Band. ; Festive Ends Catherine. Catherine! Catherine! Catherine! Catherine! Catherine! You are my prisoner, sir. Prisoner? Whose service are you in? In the service of Her Majesty Catherine Il, empress of Russia. Peter! Oh, what will become of me? Have you never wished to have wings? Death must be something like this: Suddenly Suddenly you have wings. Her Majesty’s order is you leave the palace under escort for the manor house of Ropsha. Her Imperial Majesty, Catherine, Empress of all the Russias. Good morning, gentlemen. Morning. Well, here we are, my friends. Oh, Fyodor. Have the goodness to get into the carriage, sir. And if I don’t want to get into the carriage? What then? Don’t compel us to use force, sir. But I do compel you to use force. Go on. Oh, don’t be afraid, gentlemen. The emperor is lenient.