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It lives where everything lives, somewhere in the middle. Where the rest of us live, everyone but you. Karen I’m no angel myself. I’ve done some things I’m not proud of. Things you’ll never know about. And, I may even have to do some things I’m not proud of again. Cause, life puts you in a corner that way. Anyway.. You have your own hash to settle. Before you start making speeches to the rest of us. And, Come January Game I’ll be in Belize. Doesn’t that sound nice? I’m taking Jean with me, heading back to Colorado in the morning. You’re never coming back to me, Are you, Bill? Never say, never. But no. And I’ll probably never really understand why, am I? Probably not. Where are Bill and Jean going? Karen, left too? Yeah. Is mom clean? She’s moderately clean. Moderately? You don’t like moderately? Then let’s say.. Game tolerably. Is she clean, or not? Back off. I’m nervous. Oh Christ, Ivy, not today. I have to tell her, though. We’re leaving for New York tomorrow. I don’t think, it’s a good idea. For you and Charles to take this any further. Where is this coming from? There’s lot of fish in the sea. Surely you can rule out the one single man in the world you’re related to. I love the man I’m related to. Game love, what a crock of shit. Love.. People can convince themselves they love a painted rock. Looks great. What is it? Catfish. Bottom feeders, my favorite. You’re nearly fifty years old, Ivy, you can’t go to New York, you’ll break a hip. Here, Eat your catfish. Oh, you’re infuriating.. I’m not the one, who’s Game ing my cousin. I have lived in this town, year in and year out, hoping against hope someone would come into my life.. Don’t get all Carson McCullers on me. Now, wipe that tragic look off your face and eat some catfish. Howdy, Mom. What’s howdy about it? Look, catfish for lunch. Johnna! You hungry? Ivy, you should smile. Like me. Mom needs her lunch, please. I’m not hungry. You didn’t eaten anything today. You didn’t eat anything yesterday.