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Good morning, darling. Ed. I thought no one knew you were here. Where else would I go when I’m in trouble? Ed! Who slept here? It’s time we had a talk, Ed. Oh, no, not now, baby. I’m in a hurry. That call was urgent. Dinner tonight? Why not every night? Alberto’s place okay? :. I thought you were in a hurry. Did I have a pleasant time last night? Yes, dear. I did? Well, what do you know. I was making my rounds, sir. First, I didn’t notice anything. Then I heard a kind of low moaning coming from the road down there. Well, good morning. Automobile accident, eh? Get him to the hospital. Name? I said, get him to the hospital! Wait a minute game My name is Burrows. I work for the day. He runs it. Oh. Ben! They started banging me around when they got me in the car. How many were there? Three, maybe four. Well, what was it? Three or four? I don’t know. All right. They gave you a goingover. What with? Fists. One of ’em hit me in the face with something hard. A sap, I guess. What’d they say? Nothing. Not after they got me in the car. Before? Yes. Outside the hall of records. I told you. Tell me again. Please, sir. He’s game Shut up. The hall of records. You went there to check on Rienzi. George. The man I talked to must have tipped Rienzi. Yeah? How do you know? He left the office for a few minutes. Probably phoned. Probably? But you’re not positive. No. That won’t stand up in court. How else were they waiting for me when I came out? Who was waiting? Rienzi’s men. Can you identify them? One,maybe. A former boxer,Torpedo. Know his name? Whitey. I’m not sure. Whitey something. If I brought him in, could you identify him? He asked me if I was Burrows. He asked me if I worked for the day. What make car was it? I don’t know. Sedan? Blue? Black? What? What are you trying to do, protect Rienzi? I want facts that won’t bounce. Facts that’ll stand up against Rienzi’s lawyers and libel suits. Facts that’ll tear Rienzi’s syndicate wide open. There just can’t be any mistake. We can’t have any retractions. George. How’s it look? I’m afraid he may lose that eye.