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But Your Majesty must give your heart a rest. Laughing I’ve never in my life given my heart a rest. And I’ll wear the uniform of, um Let’s see. What uniform shall I wear? Man Her Majesty! Orchestra Stops No, no! Don’t stop the dancing. Why all this ceremony? Go on. Go on. Play. Orchestra Resumes How radiant Your Majesty is looking. Thank you. Excited Chattering All right. Thank you. Well, Peter, how are you? All right, thanks. You look splendid. It’s a wonderful thing to belong to a healthy family. My grandmother your great-grandmother lived to be . And there’s no reason why we shouldn’t do the same. I’m sure you will. It’s a great blessing for Russia too. Instead of waiting anxiously for his predecessor’s death the heir to the throne has time to gather experience and to learn To learn patience. Patience. Chuckles Exactly. It’s a wonderful virtue, Peter. Shuvalov. I feel marvelous. I’m going to dance a minuet. Orchestra Continues Peter To take her throat into my hand and close my fiirgers. She’s laughing at me. Peter, she can hardly stand. Ah, she only came here to make me ridiculous. She’s very, very ill. She’ll outlive me and you. She’ll live a hundred years. Continues Woman Screams All Shouting What’s that? Shouting Continues Is it very bad, Grigory? Very bad. Good. Guard, open that window. It’s cold outside. Why? To clear the way for death. He needs an entrance here. Hi. Black one. Or white one. Whoever you are. This way. In here. Welcome. Your Highness. Peter! That’s all right, Grigory. Chuckles She’ll die. Elisabeth Catherine. Yes. Come here. Catherine. Yes, darling. Darling. Where is that lunatic? Peter has just been here. He’s very anxious for your recovery. He’s very anxious that I should die. No. I am dying, Catherine and I leave Russia, and I leave you in the care of a madman. Oh, no, no. He’s not a madman. You should rule Russia. Women can rule and men can’t. Is it a sin that I didn’t have him killed? No. No, no, no. Please don’t. He will ruin Russia. No. He will break you. No. Please don’t. Please. I beg of you.