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Well, then come up with some answers. I could even do better. Game What, for instance? Game Just by chance, a hundred to one shot. I’m the only one to see him kill that girl. He’s still somewhere in the neighborhood. When he realizes that he’s got a witness Games Games when he figures out that I’m not made out of just Games Games sawdust and bailing wire Games Games he might be back. Game Just tell me where he went. Game I don’t know exactly where he went. Some nearby building for sure. I have a hunch he’ll show. So lose yourself out in the street. Wait for it to happen. Gregg, you’re not going back to that window? Sure, I am. To wait and count Games Games and dream some more Games Of the blue sea Games Games and mountain tops with falling snow. Always. That’s the way a man is when he’s made of sawdust. Johnny. You can’t let him go back to that window. What if he can help me? Stop him, Johnny. Please stop him. He’s just a nice guy who shouldn’t have to die like a freak in a window. He shouldn’t. He can’t. Gregg. It’s all off. What is? Clay pigeon night. What’s the matter? Nothing. It just struck me funny. When I was a kid I always wanted to be a cop. Here he is again: the mechanical man. He walks, he moves but is he real? Is he a human being or is he a machine? Guess whether he is man or robot. The correct answer entitles you Games Game Get in will you, sarge? Game What’s up? I’ll explain in a minute. Games a human being or is he a machine? A mechanical man. He walks he moves but is he real? Is he a human being or is he a machine? Game Please! Game Shut up! Please, Hayes, tell me what happened in that club. Nothing, I tell you. I just winged him, that’s all. What’s the matter now? Why leave here? This is as safe a place as any. You saw those cops roll away. Then there’s that dummy. What about him? He saw me kill Lydia. That ain’t a human being. How can it see anything? That’s what I got to find out. I never killed anyone before her.