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Spongebob quick truck And we need more guys. Godammit! Let’s look over the figures once more. What the hell are you doing? I need to talk to you. I’m sorry, Lars. I ed up. It’s all my fault. What are you talking about? They’ve got me by the balls. The bastards! Tell me what’s going on. What’s this all about? Tonight they’re spraying asbestos on the ceiling we’re working on. And then they’re going to report you for using illegal building materials. How do you know that? ‘Cause they’ve got me by the balls. Who? Persson and Storgaard? I’m so sorry, Lars. Don’t hate me, man. I owe them money. They’re going to bash my face in if I don’t do them a favour Who do you owe money to? The bikers. What’re you talking about? I owe the bikers money for some coke. So Storgaard has a connection to the bikers? No, Persson knows them. Please don’t hate me, Lars. And you can’t tell the cops. If the cops get involved they’re going to ing kill me. Get out. Out! I said get out! Hey! Stop! I’m noting that everything appears to be in order. This is for you. You can frame that for posterity. Thank you very much. Hey, Carsten. Where are you? Down at the site. I’m giving the guys a hand so maybe we can catch up. We’re going to need some cash flow. We’re talking grand at least. See if maybe we can get an advance on the senior homes. Bye. What’re you doing here, Persson? I had a meeting. What’s it to you? Lend me as much as possible. These days that might not be the wisest decision. The real estate market is still frozen oven We’ve asked for an advance on the senior homes. I’ll pay off the loan when we get that. Kenneth, I need the money and you won’t increase my overdraft. I’ll submit an application to the credit institution, then we’ll see. Email it right away. I want an answer tomorrow. That won’t be possible. Then I’ll call them myself. I play badminton with one of their guys. Maybe he can look into it. Thank you. You’re welcome. If I rake in all our receivables and hold back some pay checks we can pay one single fine. I got the money. We just need to meet our deadline.